SaaS Benefits - Why We Chose This Model

(And Why You Should, Too)

A number of years ago PRS and a technical partner developed the first version of our PracticalPRS performance measurement software. This version was built and installed at an Air Force Wing. During that engagement we learned a few things about software deployment in a public service organization.

And while the install was successful and the tool was functional, those lessons learned made us decide to change the way we delivered this software capability. Interestingly enough, many of the reasons we chose Software as a Service (SaaS) are the same reasons that make it a good choice for public sector managers.

SaaS Benefit 1: Rapid deployment. It literally took longer to get the previous 'on-premise' version of our software approved by the client IT department, than it took to develop and test the tool. Rapid deployment is in the best interest of both PRS and our clients; the quicker you can start using PracticalPRS the quicker it will pay benefits. Rapid 'on-boarding' also means it's practical to use this tool to actually design your performance measurement framework as well as automate it.

SaaS Benefit 2: Easy updates. When we update the tool, all our customers are automatically working with the latest version. This is good for them, and good for us; we don't need to maintain the capability to support different versions, or send out 'one-at-a-time' patches to fix problems.

SaaS Benefit 3: Flexibility. The user ID/password access model and flexible price structure means customers can grant access to data entry only to the parts of the organization that need access. This means, for example, that a pilot implementation could be launched within a single Branch or Directorate, and then expanded to provide access to more of the organization as required. This provides a low-cost, low-risk path to adopting the tool.

SaaS Benefit 4: Support built in. It's our experience that, regardless of the organization, public sector IT departments are over-burdened and under-resourced. This makes them reluctant to take on new support requirements (see point 1 above for reference). With the SaaS model, little or no support is required from your corporate IT. PRS will work with them to ensure our product complies with IT security and reliability requirements (a fairly straightforward process, as our technology development partners hold world-class security certifications), then PRS provides training to get you started quickly and support from that point forward.

SaaS Benefit 5: Simplified procurement. Since you are not actually installing our software - just gaining access to it via the Internet – procuring that access can be greatly simplified. You won't need complicated 'terms and conditions' that apply to long software development and deployment projects. We have a simple agreement that explains what we provide – access, training, and support – backed up by the warranties and certifications of our technology partners with respect to security and reliability.

SaaS Benefit 6: Appropriate interim solution. Your department may be 'planning' (over various extended timelines) to implement some form of performance reporting system. Often this is a module of an existing enterprise system. If you are a manager in the position of waiting for this eventuality, PracticalPRS provides a low-risk interim solution. Your organization can be collecting and using and learning from performance information while waiting for the (often multi-year) deployment of the enterprise solution.

And dis-engaging from PracticalPRS is just as easy as engaging; you simply don't renew your subscription, AND, we help you extract your existing data so nothing is lost. Win-win!

Our entry-level access model begins at under $25k for a 12-month subscription, and this includes the 'on-boarding' training and configuration, and support for that period. You can also use existing Government of Canada SO/SA vehicles to access PracticalPRS.

For a no-obligation demo of PracticalPRS contact us using the form below or call PRS Vice President Charlie Snelling at 613 744-4084. You can also check out a brief video here

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