Planning For Performance Measurement

As with any project, planning for Performance Measurement means establishing the conditions necessary for the success of the initiative. Here's some factors to consider when planning your Performance Measurement project.

Are you ready for Performance Measurement?

Do you have a clear understanding of what your organization expects to gain from performance reporting? Can you commit the resources (time and effort) to create and implement a functioning performance measurement system? Do your managers and staff possess the necessary skills to carry out the project? Is there a senior-level champion for the project? Are there existing data sources that may be easily accessed to populate your Performance Measurement Framework?

What is the scope of your performance reporting initiative?

Is this a brand-new framework being created for the first time, or a renewal/updating of an existing framework? Is the information collected intended for an internal audience only, or are there external reporting obligations as well? Is there a higher-level framework that must be considered?

Roles and Responsibilities.

Are the personnel in place to carry out the project? Have you created a team to conduct project activities? Have you nominated a project manager or performance coordinator to oversee the process? Who is responsible for providing resources to the project, and approving project deliverables? Who will be responsible for data collection, analysis and reporting?

Timeline and milestones.

Do you have a project plan to manage project activities? Are there planned phases of development with project tracking and approvals included? Are you up against any immovable deadlines?

Resources and support requirements.

What will this project cost you in terms of physical resources and your staff's time? Will you need to pay for training for your team? Will you need a facilitator to guide your team through the process?

Documenting the 'way ahead'.

Do you have a structured performance measurement methodology to follow? If your organization has limited resources, is the scope of your project realistic? Will you require IT support for data collection, analysis and reporting? How will your project 'roll out'? If your staff has a high rate of turnover, how will you maintain continuity of your performance data and the process itself?

Embedding Performance Measurement in management practice.

How will your Performance Measurement Framework be used to support decision-making? Where, when, and by whom will performance results be reviewed? Who will recommend and approve actions items based on those results? How and where will action items be tracked?

Planning for Performance Measurement is a key element in the success of your project. Time spent planning is time and trouble saved throughout the course of your project.

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