Performance Measurement Training customized for your Public Sector organization

Performance measurement is a fact of life in the modern public service. The reporting requirements of Central Agencies - e.g. MRRS, DPR, MAF, Modern Comptrollership - and the demands of senior management - e.g. the 'DM Dashboard' - have made robust performance measurement a necessary component of the manager's toolkit.

And Performance Measurement Training is a key success factor in your performance measurement initiative. We offer training customized for your senior management team, your front-line managers,and your staff. Why do we offer different levels of training? Because the needs of these groups are different!

Your senior managers, front-line managers and your staff will have different roles to play in your Performance Measurement Initiative. Therefore the information they need to fulfill that role successfully is different as well.

Performance Measurement Training from PRS will establish a common understanding of performance measurement language, concepts, techniques and tools, in the context of your organization's objectives, and appropriate to the roles your team will play.

In our workshops you will learn a structured step-by-step approach to public sector performance measurement:

  1. Setting the Stage;

    • Assessing where you are now
    • Building capacity
    • Educating the organization
  2. Building your Measurement Framework

    • Identifying the 'Why'
    • Documenting program logic
  3. Creating and validating performance measures and indicators;

    • The measures you need
    • Tracking the process: efficiency measures
    • Evaluating progress: effectiveness measures
    • Measuring enablers and the 'change agenda'
  4. Operationalize your Framework

    • Document your data collection strategy
    • Design your performance reports
  5. Implement your Framework

    • Pilot test and adjust
    • Confirm governance structure
    • Design communication plan
    • LAUNCH!

What level of training do you need?

We offer on-site 1/2-day Executive Overview seminars, 1-day Manager Workshops, and full 2-day Performance Measurement 'Tiger Team' Training.

To find out more, contact PRS Vice President Charles Snelling at 613 744-4084, or use the contact form below to inquire about a specific topic.

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