Performance Measurement Design from 0 to 60

(Days, that is)

Performance measurement design should not take forever. In fact, creating your logic model or strategy map, identifying key measures and documenting your data collection strategy should take no more than 60 days, start to finish.

Here's how PRS can help you go from 0 to 60 in your performance measurement design project.

Week 1: Project Preparation Activity.

Your team will need to review relevant business documents to identify key performance expectations, existing performance measures or results reporting, external reporting requirements and expectations, and planned or on-going change initiatives.

Activities should also include a project launch meeting, to achieve the following:

  • Validate overall goals and objectives of your organisation

  • Confirm the overall implementation steps and expectations

  • Review the existing documentation related to the project

  • Identify existing higher-level framework(s) and strategies

  • Define roles and responsibilities

Week 2 & 3: Conduct Organizational Performance Measurement Assessment.

Following this working session, PRS will develop a ‘straw man’ Logic Model for use in following activities. PRS will also conduct further research, by means of interviews with managers and select personnel, to validate existing performance reporting, potential measures, and possible data sources for inclusion in the design sessions to follow.

Week 4: Design and Conduct Managers’ Training Session.

This training session will provide your managers with an introduction to performance measurement language, concepts, and tools including logic models and the principles of performance measurement in the public sector. The objectives for this session include:

  • Communicate the overall objectives of your performance easurement framework;

  • Brief the managers on the 'executive view' and priorities for performance measurement

  • Define their roles in the development and implementation of a performance measurement framework

Week 5: Facilitate Manager/Stakeholder Performance Measurement Design Workshop(s).

These include one or more detailed manager/departmental working sessions to include each work unit. The objectives for these sessions include:

  • Logic model validation

  • Identifying the measures that will support the overall strategic policy objectives and key performance areas

  • Identify possible data sources to populate the measures

  • Review and ensure alignment with higher-level framework(s)

Week 6: Document Data Collection Strategy.

it is critically important to document how, where, when, and by whom your data is collected. PRS will work with your team to define this information for each measure and indicator in your framework. This helps ensure consistency and accuracy of data, even when there is staff turnover. This also ensures you can make comparisons of your performance over time.

Week 7: Facilitate Executive Review Session.

The PRS consultants will provide a comprehensive project review report and presentation, including:

  • The Performance Measurement Framework including logic model, measures, and documented data collection strategy

  • An analysis of possible gaps with respect to data validity or availability

  • Recommendations to roll-out reporting for your organization

Over the course of these several weeks PRS will work closely with you to ensure a successful Performance Measurement Framework design. Our experience indicates that this sequence is an effective approach to the implementation. However, we know that each organization is unique and the steps will be customized to meet your organization’s particular needs.

If you would like to discuss how PRS can help with your performance measurement design requirements, use the contact form below, or contact Vice President Marketing Charlie Snelling at 613 744-4084.

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