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Are you a manager in the Public Sector - Government, NGO or Non-Profit - FED UP with trying to meet your reporting obligations, when all you want to do is run your organization?

Then maybe its time you gave us a call. Our company is named Performance Reporting Solutions for a very good reason: because that's exactly what we design, build and implement.

Whether you need capacity-building custom performance measurement training, an independent assessment of your current reporting regime, expert assistance to design and implement a robust performance measurement framework, or innovative performance measurement software to simplify and streamline reporting, PRS has a solution that can help.

You know that achieving real efficiency in your organization requires reporting and understanding real results. So how do you create a practical reporting regime that will let you:

  • Restore the balance between increasing demand and diminishing resources;

  • Defend your budget; and,

  • Meet the reporting expectations of senior management, central agencies, and other stakeholders e.g. funders?

AND, how do you do all this while continuing to deliver on your mission? You can start by downloading our Free Guide to Practical Performance Measurement in the Public Sector

Practical, budget-friendly solutions for your public sector performance problems

Do you have accurate performance information? Are you leveraging it to plan better, manage better, and drive continuous improvement?

Meeting your reporting obligations does not have to be onerous. Performance Reporting Solutions has offered strategy, methodology, and technology to help dozens of public sector organizations measure and understand and improve their performance.


PRS provides 'real-world', practical advice and solutions derived from our combined decades of experience in Public Sector Performance, across many organizations. PRS Representative Projects

What's Your Performance Challenge?

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